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Mango Home Riverside - Facilities in the Mekong Delta

Here at Mango Home, we offer many different athletic and recreational facilities that are available for use to everyone.

Athletic facilities include a basketball and volleyball court, while recreational facilities include the pool and our Sunset Lounge, which we will talk about further down below.

Pool at Mango Home Riverside

In the recent years, we've added many new facilities to the resort in order to ensure that our guests are entertained and fully satisfied. We also offer more activities outside of the resort such as guided excursions or free bike rentals so you can explore the area of Ben Tre at your own pace.


Athletic Facilities

At our resort, we have a small basketball court with one net that is very popular with the guests, as well as a volleyball net set up right next to the waterfront.

The basketball court has its own rustic charm since the net is attached to a coconut tree, with a hand-made wooden backboard. The floor of the court is paved with a pretty but durable tile so the ball can easily bounce.

The volleyball net is located in an area that is spacious and easy to play. The court has a gorgeous view overlooking the Mekong river.

The Pool

At Mango Home, we have a large pool with surrounding lounge chairs located right in the middle of the resort. The pool was one of our first facilities built at the resort, but has recently been retiled to look good as new.

The pool has a separate mini pool for kids, and the main pool is shallow on one end and slowly gets deeper towards the other. The deepest area of the pool is around 1.5m.

Sunset Lounge

Our Sunset Lounge is a place of entertainment and relaxation. There are many seats and hammocks in the lounge where you can sit and relax. We have a bookshelf where you can take a book and leave one, or borrow one during your stay.

At the lounge, we also offer many games such as billiards and a foosball table. Next to the bookshelf we also have a shelf of board games. This includes chess, scrabble, UNO, and many other games.


To inquire about a stay at Mango Home, please don't hesitate to contact us! You can find all our contact information on the "Contact" page on the navigation bar above. We hope to see you enjoying these facilities at our resort!

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